WIS 3 - Announcement


Status, Challenges, and Future Opportunities of Internet-Based Communications Supporting Sustainable Water Resources Management

Hyatt Regency Hotel Miami, Florida

November 3-5, 2000


The WaterWeb Consortium's Third Water Information Summit will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Miami, Florida, November 3-5, 2000. This series of meetings for web site managers and water information users focuses on the use of the Internet to support and promote the application of Integrated Land and Water Resources Management. The Summit is being held in collaboration with the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Annual Conference www.awra.org (November 5-8, 2000).


The first two Water information Summit (WIS) meetings led to the creation of a network of web site managers and water information users called the WaterWeb Consortium. The purpose of the Consortium is to promote cooperation and collaboration among institutions and individuals responsible for developing web sites with water resources content and to improve access to and the quality of water and water-related information available on the World Wide Web.

To facilitate communications among members of the WaterWeb Consortium, the Consortium has established a list server and created a web ring to link major water information sites together. The Consortium operates a commonly owned web site on which to share information resources, including an index of web sites of water organizations and other sites with water information content www.waterweb.org.

During the past two Summits, working group participants have identified a number of issues dealing with Internet communications, data standards, equitable access to information, and the barriers to communications posed by language and culture. Consortium Committees are now addressing some of these issues and will report back their findings to the Consortium at the Third Water Information Summit.

Purpose of Third Water Information Summit

The Third Water Information Summit will examine:

  • Meeting the Information Needs of Watershed Managers, Policy makers, and Stakeholders
  • Developing and Delivering Educational and Professional Development Opportunities that Support Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Designing the Water Ring, Links Database, and Other Elements of an International Water Portal for the WaterWeb web site
  • Exploring Public-Private Partnerships that Address Information Needs: Policy and Cultural Issues

One focus of the meeting will be to investigate multiple ways of delivering water information to a wide range of users who have varying degrees of access to the Internet or no access at all. The Summit will also examine the current availability of information on the Internet and develop a list of information needs and priorities from the perspective of several different groups of users. New tools and approaches to web site design that make information more accessible to users and strategies that help users find information on the Internet, in general, and on specific web sites in particular, will be discussed.

Who Should Attend?

Water resource professionals to place information on the Internet; web masters and managers responsible for the design and operation of web sites with environmental and water information content; and users who seek water and water-related information to support integrated land and water resources management.

Format of the Meeting

The Third Water Information Summit will consist of two and one half days of plenary and working group sessions (November 3-5, 2000) and a half-day workshop on the afternoon of November 5. The plenary sessions will consist of three keynote presentations (30 minutes) and approximately 12 topical presentations (20 minutes).

Keynote presentations include

  • Development of the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean -- UNESCO's Information for All Programme -- Claudio Menezes, UNESCO, Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • The Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN): A Case Study in Improving the Usability of Web Sites -- Christine Manninen, Great Lakes Commission, Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • Information Needs to Address the Global Water Crisis -- A Perspective of the World Water Vision -- William J. Cosgrove, President, Ecoconsult, Inc., Montreal, Canada and former Director, Water Vision Unit, World Water Council, Paris, France.

Additional time will be set aside for the discussion of presentations. Poster papers will be displayed during the meeting for discussion during meeting breaks. Participants will sign up during registration for working groups. The groups will discuss a number of topics of importance to the promotion of the quality, quantity, and accessibility of water information on the Internet and elsewhere, and will prepare recommendations for Consortium Committees to pursue during 2001.

Meeting Registration

Participants should register for WIS-3 as soon as possible using the attached page. The registration fee is US $195 dollars (prior to September 29) and US $235 afterwards until the date of the meeting. All participants must register for the meeting. The registration fee includes:

  • Informal Happy Hour - Cash Bar (November 2)
  • Opening Reception (November 3)
  • Continental Breakfasts (3 days)
  • Coffee Breaks and Refreshment Breaks (3 days)
  • Lunches (November 3 and 4)
  • Half-day Workshop (November 4)
  • Hand-out materials


A new feature for the Third Water Information Summit is the inclusion of a half-day workshop to assist participants build their skills in managing information on the Internet. This year's workshop will be

"Assisting Users to Find Information Online through Better Web Site Design" will be given by William G. Meisheid, Sageline Publishing, Ellicott City, Maryland.

Participants in this workshop will learn about the tools and strategies that will help users navigate the Internet and individual web sites to find the information that they seek. The workshop assumes familiarity with the Internet and the World Wide Web but does not require knowledge of HTML. The workshop is aimed people who are responsible for overseeing the operation of web sites or who wish to put information up on web sites in ways that will assist users to find it.

Workshop Only Registration

The Workshop is included in the Water Information Summit registration fee. However, others who may wish to participate in the workshop only may register for a fee of US $75 before September 15 or $95 afterwards.

Hotel Reservations

All participants are responsible for their own hotel reservations. All reservations must be made through the Hyatt Regency Hotel. To get the special group meeting rate of US $135 single/double per night. Reservations must be made by October 4, 2000, and are subject to availability.

To reserve a room, contact the Hyatt Regency Miami Hotel directly by phone at (305) 358-1234 or by fax at (305) 358-0529. You must mention that you are attending the Water Information Summit to qualify for the group rate. Be sure to inquire about the hotel's cancellation policy.

All Water Information Summit functions will be held at the Hyatt Regency Miami Hotel, 400 SE Second Avenue, Miami, Florida. The hotel is within walking distance of numerous restaurants and shopping areas. The Hyatt is a full-service hotel, located just 20 minutes from the airport. Here is some more information on the Miami area.

You can also stay at the Clarion Hotel & Suites. Rates at the Clarion are US $109.00 per night with applicable state and local taxes. You must register before October 20, 2000 to be assured of these rates. Room rates are about 10% cheaper if you reserve your room over the Internet.

To reserve your room, contact the Clarion Hotel and Suites by phone at (305) 374-5100 or fax at (305) 381-9826. Mention that you are with The Water Summit Group. The Clarion is right next to the Hyatt so don't worry about getting to the Conference, the conference rooms are just a short stroll away.


Air Travel -- Discount fares have been arranged with American Airlines wwwr1.aa.com for travel to Miami. To obtain a fare quote or to make a reservation call American Airlines at 1-800-433-1790 and give them Star File #S78 HOAA.

Airport to Hotel - Transportation from the Airport to the Hotel is available from Miami Express Shuttle (US$ 9 one way or US $18 roundtrip). Taxi fares from the airport to the Hotel should be about $28.

Rental Cars - Discount rates for rental cars have been arranged with Hertz www.hertz.com. To obtain a quote or to make a reservation call Hertz at 1-800-654-2240 and give them the number CV 01RS0001.


The Third Water Information Summit is organized by the WaterWeb Consortium. Sponsoring organizations include: American Water Resources Association, Center for information Transfer, Florida Atlantic University, Florida Center for Environmental Studies, Foundation for the Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management, Global Water Partnership - South American Technical Advisory Committee, Inter-American Water Resources Network, the International Water Resources Association, International Network of River Basin Organizations, International Federation of Information and Documentation --Water Information Special Interest Group, Organization for American States, Soil and Water Conservation Society, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization - Information for All Programme, and the Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean.

For Further Information Contact:

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