WIS 3 - Conference Papers and Presentations

The Third Water Information Summit's
Conference Papers and Presentations.

Oral Presentations

Development of the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean - UNESCO's Information for All Programme
Menezes, Claudio
Abstract  Paper  Presentation

Eco-H2O a droplet in reinforcing developing countries' water utilities
Rodriguez, Mario O. BUENFIL
Abstract  Paper  Presentation

Federation for Information and Documentation (FID) Water Information Special Interest Group
Browne, Nigel and Krukkert, Ingeborg
Abstract  Presentation

Ground Water Information System Uploaded to Internet: A Case Study of the Rio Minh Basin, Jamaica
Karanjac, Jasminko
Abstract  Paper

Information Commodity: A Tool for Stakeholder Empowerment and Sustainability
ZINATO, Maria do Carmo
Abstract Presentation

Information Needs to Address the Global Water Crisis: A Perspective of the World Water Vision
Cosgrove, William J.

Insights on redesigning the Great Lakes Information (GLIN): Database tools, design and reaction
Manninen, Christine L.
Abstract  Presentation

New opportunities for International and Multi-institutional Collaboration in Integrated Resources Management in the American Tropics: Perspective Provided by the City of Knowledge
Tarte, Rodrigo

Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems: Freshwater Systems
Revenga, Carmen Abstract  Presentation

Reflections in the Water World: Web Users and Web Use
Rand, Honey M.A., APR

Spanish Water Information System (HISPAGUA) and its Relationship with the Euro- Mediterranean Information System
Etayo, Leticia Martinez

The Challenges of Internet Visualization: A Case Study in the Ohio River Valley
Murphy, Christopher

The Global Water Information Network (GLOBWINET)
Meier, Brigitta
Abstract  Paper

The National Agricultural Library's Database of Online Documents Covering Water and Agriculture
Makuch, Joseph R.
Abstract  Paper

Toward the Design of an International Water Portal
Klima, Karen

Water Resources & Wetlands e-Atlas(r): Integrated web-based information on freshwater resources
Bos, Elroy
Abstract  Paper

Web Access to the USGS National Water Information System (NWISWeb) and a National Webserver System (NatWeb) to Provide High Reliability of Data and Information on the WWW
Schmid, Lorna A.

Web-based information for integrated water resources management of a multi-national aquifer: The GEF Project on the Guaraní Aquifer
Usunoff, Eduardo
Abstract  Paper  Presentation

Web Site for South Florida Water Management
Haine, Robert

Poster Presentations Group I

A State Water Information System: The Experience of Guanajuato
Huerta, Juan M.

Armenian Legislation on Water and Ways for Its Further Dissemination
Prof. Aida Iskoyan

EPA's Georeferencing Framework for Integrated Access to Water Information
Michael Plastino
Abstract  Paper

Geographic Information System and Internet: Tools to produce and divulge information on the Pantanal´s water resources to local decision and policy makers
Padovani, Carlos R.

The Watershed Atlas: A new concept for serving water resource data on the web.
Campbell, Kyle N.
Abstract  Presentation

Using Internet tools and services to coalesce and service a vital international network for the conservation and sustainable development of lakes
Laurie Duker

Water consumption statistics and demand reduction plan for public buildings
Rodriguez, Buenfil Mario O.

Web based information on water resources and related projects in South America Diego, Ruiz

Poster Presentations Group II

Aguaonline Digital Magazine
Oliveira, Cecy

Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems: Freshwater Systems
Revenga, Carmen

Developing an online based environmental education curriculum: the community college perspective
Fleming, Pat
Abstract  Paper

Multimedia-enhanced "envirodoc" CD-ROMs in Acrobat PDF : an e-book approach to water communications
Potkin, Alan

The Role of Water Resources Institutes in Information Dissemination: Virginia Water Information and Technology Transfer Website
Walker, Jane
Abstract  Paper

Translation from Conceptual ground water model to a MODFLOW input files using ArcView GIS -Study Case: South Dade hydrological model
Restrepo, Jorge M

Use of the Web for Collaboration in Science and Technology: A Case Study
Knudson, Christa K.
Abstract  Paper

Water Gate
Carlos, Antonio

Poster Presentations Group III

An Internet Guide to Strategies for Stormwater Management Financing
Busco, Dana
Abstract  Paper

Building an interactive data dissemination tool on international protected wetlands: Lessons learned from the Ramsar Wetland Data Gateway
Wannebo, Antoinette

International Waters:LEARN - fostering knowledge sharing among transboundary water resource management projects.
Sklarewo, Dann

Natural Resources Stewardship: Its Our Responsibility
Madzura, Tabitha
Abstract  Presentation

The Las Vegas Water Quality and the Las Vegas Wash websites: An Opportunity for Interagency Coordination and Public Participation
Lien, Stephaine

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Updated: 11-July-2005