Welcome to WIS-8 - Eighth Water Information Summit


Eighth Water Information Summit (WIS-8)
Linking and Strengthening Information Networks for Water and the Environment

Brasilia, Brazil
June 5 . 7, 2006

Call for Papers and Posters

Authors wishing to present a paper or poster should submit an abstract of no more than 300 words. The abstract may be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese and should contain the title of the paper, the author.s name, address and all contact details, especially phone number and e-mail. Deadline for abstracts will be April 28. Successful authors will be notified around three days after submission.

Full papers and/or PowerPoint presentations should be submitted by May 20. All papers and/or PowerPont presentations on suggested topics bellow will be accepted for publication on the WaterWeb website at http://www.waterweb.org. and for discussion during panel sessions during the meeting. It would be preferred if the papers were based on actual research, project, case studies and lessons learned.

All posters on the suggested topics below will be presented during the official opening ceremony as part of Brazilian government activities to celebrate Earth Day. Further details on poster size will be posted here soon.

WIS-8 relevant topics include:

. Successful networks using information sharing technologies
. Water and water-related information sharing efforts
. Water taxonomies, indexing schemes, and the use of metadata
. Information portals in water management, hydrology, or related fields
. Internet delivered news and presentation of environmental issues

Abstracts should be submitted (preferably by e-mail) to: wis8@terra.com.br