Welcome to WIS-8 - Eighth Water Information Summit


Eighth Water Information Summit (WIS-8)
Linking and Strengthening Information Networks for Water and the Environment

Brasilia, Brazil
June 5 . 7, 2006

Registration for participants

Until May 15, the registration fee for WIS-8 is USD 150.00 for non-Brazilian participants. The registration includes lunches each day, meeting materials and refreshments during the poster session.

To subscribe, please send a message to wis8@terra.com.br and ask for the Registration Form. Your payment should be made on June 4, in the hotel, when you arrive in Brasília. Registration fee will be set according to the date when you send your Registration Form:

•  USD 150.00 for Registration Forms submitted until May 15.
•  USD 175.00 for Registration Forms submitted after May 15.

Note: In order to take advantage of the event hotel rates and airport transfer, we need to know IN ADVANCE your travel itinerary and obtain your registration information. Please send us an e-mail at wis8@terra.com.br.


The hotel recommended by WIS-8 Organizers is Grand Bittar Hotel. Website: http://www.hoteisbittar.com.br/bittar/index_ing.htm . Special rates for WIS-8 participants are available at around USD 75.00 for single room, or around USD 85 for double room, depending on the exchange rate of the day. Please do not call or send e-mail to hotel. To make your reservation, you should download the Hotel Registration Form, fill it properly, and send it to fax number +55 61 4009 1815 (please disregard the number provided in the form).

Hotel Registration Form


The organizers will provide airport transfers and local transportation between hotel-event venue every day for registered participants, once the participant's attendance is confirmed. This transportation will be provided ONLY from the Gran Bittar Hotel. There will be transportation also for those who enroll special activities.

Special events

If you also wish to participate in all three special activities during WIS-8 described below, please add USD 90.00 to registration fee. Please, mention your intention of participating in these events in the Registration Form.

Special events include:

•  Dinner at Oca da Tribo, http://www.ocadatribo.com.br/
•  Dinner and cultural presentation at Congress Restaurant, http://www.clubedocongresso.com.br/
•  City Tour on Sunday June 4 or Wednesday June 7, http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/3416/index.htm

Field trip

After the WIS and UNEP meeting, the organizers have also made arrangements for a special ecotourism adventure at Brasília or Pirenópolis surrounding areas. This is a special opportunity to see the Cerrado ecosystem in all its splendor. Participants will leave Brasília Friday evening, just after UNEP meeting, spend the day and come back Sunday morning in time to take their flight back home. This activity is an all-inclusive package, with transportation, lodging, meals, refreshments, and English/Spanish/Portuguese language specialized guides. More information will be available here soon.